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Web & App Programming

EntwicklungsdienstleistungenGloberia Consulting GmbH
Best Web & App Programming Agency in Germany

Outsource Programmer

Outsource your programming to us & start focusing on marketing your business services. Outsourcing reduce your overheads.

Online Shop Development

Increase your customer reach with an e-commerce online or mobile app shop for your business.

App Development

Bring your business to iPhone and Android apps to reach customers who stay online on their smart phones most of the time.

Marketplace Development

Multi-vendor platforms (B2B2C) are an easy source of passive income these days like amazon, eBay, & many more.

Web Development

We have experienced programmers who can program everything on the cloud according to your custom requirements.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a popular platform for creating a business website quickly and inexpensively.

Our ProcessHow do we do Web & App programming in Germany?


Needs Analysis & Optimisation

First, we understand what you are looking for, and what your digital path should be to achieve your goal.

Planning & Management

Our experts create a detailed plan for your requirements & for the team to initiate development.

Design & Development

Based on the analyzed requirements, we initiate the design & development of the project.

Deployment and Support

The project is deployed on a live server and post-development support is initiated from here.

Code ExpertsWe Design, Code & Develop your business applications

Add value with all our high-quality Web and App Programming services:

Experts understand your project goals

First, our business experts understand your project goals, then your requirements and conduct the feasibility study to provide you with various options to meet your needs. We don't start a project without understanding.

The project is led by a single project manager

Your project is managed by the assigned project manager or team leader whose job is to track the project on the requirements and the assigned schedule. So that the development team always delivers with quality and on time.

Appropriate testing for each project deliverable

We ensure that every module development goes through the testing team to check for bugs and proper functionality of the module. This ensures that there are fewer surprises when a project is finally delivered.

Weekly or Bi-weekly project progress reports

Our project managers provide you with weekly or bi-weekly project progress reports so that you know what we are doing and where programmers work. Some reports come with a development link so that you can provide your feedback in between project development. 

Programmer exposure to different business industry

You will feel the difference in understanding of our programmers while working with us. Our programmers are already worked with many different business industries and with different modern technologies. You will gain this expertise of exposure to different industry business applications in your projects.  

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